We believe that an audit is an opportunity, not just an overhead, a belief shared by our clients, many of whom choose to have an audit performed by Baker Tilly TCI even where it is not a legal necessity or requested by financers.

Our audit approach is characterized by clear, timely communication and the pragmatic resolution of issues. Our clients can expect an intelligent, robust audit by auditors who will challenge the status quo and give them constructive feedback and recommendations to enhance their business.

An extensive professional knowledge of accounting and auditing principles, as well as of accounting systems, processes and internal controls are critical requirements. Moreover, auditors’ judgements must be rooted in an in-depth understanding of each client’s industry, value drivers, competitive positioning and marketplace.

Baker Tilly TCI s an established public accounting firm and has a wealth of experience in both the public and private sectors including statutory bodies, trust companies, banks, insurance companies, development companies, EP, condo and all-inclusive style hotels and resorts and utilities and retail outlets.

As well as financial audit services, we provide a range of additional assurance services including internal audit, information systems and controls assurance, cyber-security, forensic audit and investigation, reviews of historical financial information, compilation of financial statements and a wide range of engagements based on agreed-upon procedures.

For more information regarding audit and other related services please contact our Head of Audit Neil French at (649) 946-4613 or