Travel, Leisure and Tourism


Hospitality, leisure, and tourism ventures can be both aesthetically and financially rewarding – and yet they are also some of the most difficult businesses to operate and manage successfully. At a minimum, you need a combination of market knowledge, solid understanding of operations, intelligent grasp of development trends, insight into product positioning, and strong financial skills.

Baker Tilly’s experience and skills in this area can bring you the real world strategies you need to succeed in this challenging market.

Baker Tilly provides investment and operational support to all sectors of the hospitality industry. We provide transactions services including the identification of market opportunities for domestic and international resorts and investors, and providing transactional assistance - from deal structuring and capital placement to due diligence and execution. Baker Tilly can also provide management and branding strategies, and development of standard operating procedures.

Baker Tilly works with both private and public sector clients; from small, community-based attractions to large, multi-faceted projects on an international scale. Our services include: feasibility analyses for all types of projects-from development opportunities to public/private partnerships to corporate sponsorship strategies; strategy and business planning assistance; and management advice for ongoing operations.

Audit Engagements

Baker Tilly’s audit team utilizes a business model specific to the hospitality and tourism industry to help ensure key industry trends and issues that could impact your business are identified. This business model helps to enable us to recognize the areas that pose the highest risk to your financial performance.

Review & Compilation Engagements

Sometimes companies do not have a statutory or shareholder requirement for an audit, but still need or choose to have an independent professional services firm involved with their financial statements. In these circumstances, our professionals can conduct a review or compilation engagement. These engagements do not offer the same detailed analysis that is provided by an audit, but they can be more cost effective depending on the company’s requirements.

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