Corporate Finance

Baker Tilly TCI has developed Corporate Finance services to assist our firm's clients.

Our international network comprise approximately 154 firms in 133 countries with more than 27,000 professionals. By pooling the knowledge of these offices, we are able to provide a powerful product to serve our firm's clients at international, regional and local levels.

We also have relationships with lenders and private investors both within and outside the Caribbean, and we understand regional financing issues and drivers.

Our continuously growing Caribbean database of transactions, contacts, clients, industry and macroeconomic information helps us to quickly evaluate new companies, assess new projects, and initiate strategic relationships among our firm's clients.

Given the presence and flexibility of our practice, we are able to quickly draw on human and technical resources. This means we may efficiently handle your business transaction no matter whether it is taking place in a local, regional or international arena.

The growing trend of globalisation is highly relevant to the Caribbean. Both the public and private sectors are looking beyond their borders to realize a stronger future as a region. At Baker Tilly TCI we have the infrastructure already in place to service this trend.

Our corporate finance services take many forms, all designed to help you enhance the potential of your business.

For more information regarding these and other related services please contact Gary Brough at (649) 946-4613 or